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Public Forums

Four public workshops will be conducted at key points throughout this project.

Public Workshop # 1. The first public workshop will explain the purpose and function of the JLUS, provide an overview of the military operations at Seymour Johnson AFB and Dare County Range, introduce project participants, and explain the JLUS approach and goals. The format of this meeting will include a presentation to the public followed by an interactive working session where attendees will be invited and encouraged to share their input on JLUS issues. A JLUS Overview Fact Sheet will be distributed at this workshop to assist the public with completing a compatibility issues exercise. Attendees will work in groups around large scale study area maps to identify compatibility issues and engage in discussions with the JLUS team. Participants will also be able to provide input through interactive audience response systems that allow for immediate response viewing and tracking.

Public Workshop # 2. The purpose of the second workshop will be to solicit input on resolution of conflicts and impacts. The workshop will be an informal gathering of small groups that discuss ideas on how best to resolve community conflicts.

Public Workshop # 3. The purpose of the third public workshop will be to present the public the JLUS findings and draft recommendations. The first portion of the workshop will be a formal presentation detailing the findings and recommendations. The second portion of the workshop will be a facilitated exercise to which the public will provide input on the draft recommendations.

Public Workshop # 4. The Matrix Team will develop the Draft JLUS based on committee comments and revisions. The Matrix Team will hold the fourth public workshop to present the Draft JLUS and recommendations to attendees and will explain the public review and input process. The public and interested stakeholders in attendance will be encouraged to provide feedback either during the meeting via comment cards or submission of comments via the project website and designated North Carolina Department of Commerce Project Manager. During the meeting, the Matrix Team will make direct contact with meeting attendees to solicit input and provide hard copy comment cards.

Public Hearing. Public hearings will be conducted in Study Area jurisdictions to consider the adoption of the JLUS with the governing bodies of each participating jurisdiction.

As workshop dates and locations are set, links to the agendas and meeting materials will be posted on this page. As the project progresses, materials from previous meetings will be posted here for easy access and remain here for the duration of the project.

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